Established within the Uluer Group in 2018, Uluer Defence Industry Inc. has Personnel and Facility Security Certificates of NATO and Turkey's Ministry of National Defense. Shayka tactical rifle in the company's inventory has been the choice of governments, security forces and law enforcement for many years.

After the Shayka Tactical Rifle, new rifle models produced under the Shayka brand and various weapons, ammunition and equipment produced in line with today's needs were added to the inventory, increasing the product range. Uluer Defense has also accelerated the international supply of high-level defense industry products by taking the distributorship of Czechia's world-famous MPI company, in 4 countries, including Turkey. In addition, Uluer Defense has been authorized and accredited by the Turkish Ministry of National Defense to carry out Mine Search-Scan-Cleaning Activities and Quality Assurance / Quality Control.



Acquired by Uluer Group in 2019, SATUDAS was established in 1971 by the state. The company produces healthy food by purchasing most of the potatoes grown/stored in Nevsehir province.

After acquisition, improvements were made in the production capacity, the number of personnel employed and the production lines that are currently working in a fully integrated manner. In this way, the company produces meticulously, above world standards. It is the first and only facility in Turkey that has BRC, TSE and ISO quality and international food safety certificates, producing potato puree, potato flour and other potato products. Satudas, also the first facility in Turkey in the field of potato chips and derivatives, offers its products under the legendary PAT brand. The facility, which has an annual potato processing capacity of 35,000 tons and is established on a land of 40,000 m², has also an important place in the sector with its production capacity and operational power.



Founded by Uluer Group in Sri Lanka in 2016 under the name of “Lanka Ballooning (Pvt) Ltd”, Sri Lanka Balloon became the first Turkish balloon and aviation company to operate abroad, as well as the only private flag carrier aviation company abroad.

It serves domestic and foreign customers in Sri Lanka with its experienced flight and ground crew, luxury vehicle fleet, two balloons, and 26-passenger capacity. The company organizes balloon flights over the tropical and natural beauties of the cities of Sigiriya, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and Dambulla, where South Asia's largest golden Buddha statue is located.



Established by Uluer Group in Tanzania in 2019, Nyssa Tourism Holdings is engaged in tourism activities in the country, especially in the fields of hot-air ballooning as Nyssa Balloon Safaris - Serengeti company and hotel management as Nyssa Lodges company.

Nyssa Tourism Holdings has significant investments in world-famous destinations such as the favorites of African tourism Tanzania's Dar es Salaam and the Serengeti National Park. Ongoing hotel investments and balloon operations make a significant contribution to the region's tourism, as well as Nyssa Holding, the largest Foreign Direct Investment with Turkish capital in Tanzania, increasing the share of Turkish investors in brand projects.



Mimi Hotel Ankara (formerly Koru Hotel Cankaya) is located in Gaziosmanpasa district where is the bureaucracy and business center of Turkey's capital Ankara.

At the point where comfort meets aesthetics with the understanding of providing perfect service to its guests, the hotel provides service with its 49 luxurious rooms, a 300-person multi-purpose meeting room, Mimi Restaurant for 80 people, Lobby Bar for 40 people and Turkish Bath & Spa. Combining the quality of a 4-star hotel with its modern structure and warm atmosphere, Mimi Hotel Ankara offers its guests an exclusive city hotel experience.



Mimi Cappadocia Boutique Hotel is located in Uchisar town of Nevsehir province, the heart of Cappadocia. Having top quality decorations in its 14 caves and stone rooms, the hotel offers a different Cappadocia experience with the options of balcony, view, cave, jacuzzi, and hammam options.

The hotel stands out with a magnificent view of the surrounding valleys, especially Guvercinlik Valley (Valley of the Dovecotes) and Uchisar Castle-Mountain. It has a location overlooking the balloon flight area, easy transportation opportunities, the largest terrace sitting and photography areas of the region.



The 350-year-old historical mansion and complex, which also includes a historical church and a priest's house, was purchased by Uluer Group from the Turkish Aeronautical Association in 2003.

After 6-year restorations carried out meticulously without damaging its historical texture, it started to serve as a franchise business with the Kolcuoglu brand. Located in Cappadocia's center Nevsehir province, in Cumhuriyet (Republic) Square in downtown Urgup, the facility offers unique tastes such as "Metre Kebap" (meter-length kebab) and Cappadocia's famous "Testi Kebap" (kebab cooked in a sealed clay pot or jug) with its position overlooking the district and the view of Temenni (Wish) Hill.



Cappadocia TV (Cappadocia TV Inc.), the first television channel broadcasting regionally in Nevsehir province, became the gate of the culture and tourism capital, Cappadocia, to the world.

Continuing its activities within the Uluer Group, Cappadocia TV plays a major role in the promotion of the region with its terrestrial broadcast, news website, Internet radio and "Cappadocia Life" culture and art magazine.In addition to directly contributing regional tourism to take place in the local and global agenda, the channel also presented the first and most prestigious publication of the region with its magazine, Cappadocia Life.



Tempest Tour is a tourism company that was established in 1993 and has a "Group A Travel Agency" certificate of TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies).

It operates in the fields of incoming tourist operations, international meeting organizations, regional tours, and passenger transportation. As one of the first well-established companies of Uluer Group, Tempest Tour organized incoming tours of Far Eastern groups with its Istanbul-based operations and became one of the first "Group A Travel Agencies" to bring tourists from China and Hong Kong to Turkey. For many years, it successfully organized high-level meetings and events of international institutions on Cayhane Street in Ankara..



With a 20-year history, Hertur is one of the investment companies of Uluer Group.

Named after founder Halil Uluer, Hertur is engaged in real estate investments such as hospitals, business centers, factories, residences along with investments of hotel and touristic operations.